On September 20, more than 25 representatives from diverse labor, educational and community organizations assembled at NJEA headquarters in Trenton, NJ for the inaugural Healthy Schools Now coalition meeting of the 2016-17 academic year.

Coalition meeting participants enjoyed a
presentation on Governor Christie’s proposed school funding formula from Education Law Center’s managing director Theresa Luhm, and a presentation on rethinking educational environments from NJ Environmental Justice Alliance’s campaign organizer Nicole Scott-Harris.
Both presentations are available online here.

Healthy Schools Now coalition members had a robust conversation on the next steps in the fight for healthy and school schools for all of New Jersey’s students. Several leaders reiterated the need for enhanced cross-coalition partnerships. Over the next few months, the Healthy Schools Now campaign will be working with elected officials, community and labor organizations on expanding educational equity and social justice, ensuring proper school nutrition, helping to push the temperature control bill through the legislative process, and increasing bonding capacity for the NJ School Development Authority.

Join Healthy Schools Now coalition members for our next meeting on November 29, 2016 beginning at 10 AM at NJEA Headquarters in Trenton, NJ.